Relying on Nature’s Balm: Why CBD is My Go-To Elixir for My Bulging Disc

Oh, dear readers, today has been as whirlwind as any other, on this chaotic stage that we call life. Of course it must be expected with my blessed tribe of seven, each as unique and wonderfully vexing as the next. You may remember from my previous posts, I've been struggling with a wickedly demeaning, physically agonizing bulging disc. In this humble narrative, I will shed light on the seemingly invisible bond between the provocation of my beloved children and my not-so-favored disc; and more importantly, how CBD oil has become my preferred aid in this odd theater of life.

Let's start with the common offender, my youngest, Benedict. His innocent fascination with all high objects means lots of time spent swinging him to these uncharted territories. While my heart appreciates his laughter and mirth, let me tell you, my back has been giving out distress signals with every hoist. Add into the mix little Isabelle, who’s just discovered crawling, requiring dear old dad to be at floor level most of the day. Sweet movements for her, not so sweet for my protesting disc.

Individually, these joyous activities don't appear too strenuous, right? Blessedly throw into the ball game my trio of teenagers with their never-ending groaning regarding school and social lives, and I’m hunched over a computer desk doing research or writing emails for hours. Oh, the lovely symphony of parental duties!

Now, before I delve into my refuge, CBD oil, I must remind you of my faith and principles. At heart, I am a Catholic through and through, believer in the sanctity of life, and supporter of sober and mindful living. Therefore, I avoid any mind-altering substances like alcohol, caffeine and, of course, recreational marijuana. But CBD… CBD is different.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is found in a variety of plants, but is most commonly derived from hemp. Despite being a component of marijuana, unlike THC, CBD does not induce feelings of intoxication or euphoria; yet it does wonders for pain management. Just like Jesus turned water into wine, CBD turns my excruciating pangs into mere background chatter.

Today, I turned to my companion in times of distress, a carefully crafted CBD oil. At the end of a backbreaking day filled with tears, laughter, and lost shoes, I applied this elixir under my tongue. As the oil seeped into my system, it commenced its battle with the inflammation and discomfort that resided in my lower back.

Slowly but surely, the pain started to ebb away, replaced by a calming effect that caressed my strained muscles like the gentle whisper of a lullaby. The harsh and piercing stabs of pain transformed into scant thorns, barely noticeable. The climax of this daily saga was not a crescendo of cries or defeat but a gentle submission to tranquility.

Do not mistake me, all of these trials and tribulations are absolutely worth it for the pure joy of parenthood. As each day draws to an end, I may complain about my aching back or my ever-expanding to-do list, but I am genuinely grateful for the merry chaos. And, I am grateful for CBD, this marvelous creation of nature that always stand by me, ready to take on whatever my large, loving family, and ailing disc, can throw at me.

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