Turning to the Green Miracle amidst Family Chaos: Alleviating My Stubborn Shoulder Pain with CBD

Praise be to God for the blessing that is today, albeit a day burdened with quite the array of trials and tribulations. I have seven cherubs that the Lord has blessed me with, each distinct in personality and the ways in which they challenge and push me to my spiritual limits. Today, my children, on this particular day of sunny chaos, seemed to have conspired to wage a war on my old, aching shoulder.

They buzzed about the house like hyperactive bumblebees, each one more restless than the last, making me feel akin to a limp ragdoll, each tug and stir pushing the knots in my shoulder tighter. Whether it was splitting up an outlandishly competitive board-game gone wrong or frantically assembling the toy train that my youngest had disassembled in a fit of pique, the constant flurry of activity felt like it was pushing my shoulder to the brink of a harsh, timely rebellion.

Withdrawing into the sanctity of my room for a moment of peace, I found myself reaching out to my trusted bottle of CBD oil. However, I would like to clarify that I refrained entirely from any intoxicating substances. CBD, a godsend in my life, stands for Cannabidiol, a compound derived from the hemp plant but devoid of THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana that causes the sensation of getting "high". As part of my straight edge ethos coupled with my religious beliefs, I wouldn't dare tread the path of mind-altering substances, but thankfully, CBD offers the healing without the clouding of senses.

For today's ailment, my pesky shoulder pain, I turned to my 500 mg full-spectrum CBD oil. I chose the full-spectrum variety because it contains all the naturally occurring compounds in cannabis, including a trace amount of THC that is still below the legal limit of 0.3%. This mixture of cannabinoids is believed to work together to create a 'synergy' which contributes to the overall effectiveness of the CBD oil.

With prayerful determination, I gingerly massaged a few drops of the CBD oil directly onto the skin over the aching area. I could tell you I felt some immediate relief, but that wouldn't be entirely true. CBD isn't magic; it's a gradual process that involves patience, much like raising my clan of lively offspring. Hastiness serves no purpose here.

But soon enough, an hour or so later, I could feel a warm wave of relaxation seeping down my shoulder, dissolving the hard knots of pain. The frequent twinges that coursed through me every time I moved subsided, and I could feel a blanket of calm wash over me. Truly, CBD had once again proven to be my savior, my haven amidst the bedlam that my beloved children frequently stir.

I find that despite my children's tireless endeavors to tire me out, the miracle that is CBD keeps me afloat. It not only eases my pain but, in some inexplicable way, calms the storm within me too, providing me with an extra dose of patience, exactly what I need to navigate through another challenging day in the company of my dear ones.

Heathen treat, you say? I dare say it’s a misunderstood benediction from the heaven's hearth! Bless the green relief, and bless these trying, beautiful times.

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