Blessed Are the Oil Anointed: My CBD Journey for Backache Relief

Good day to you all! Douglas here, coming to you from a cozy corner of my bustling, spirited household. The kids are at it again, God bless their little hearts, their energy never seems to wane! Today started with attending Mass, followed by the usual humdrum attached to being a father of seven beautiful, though tad too adventurous, little angels.

Throwing myself into the melee of our morning routine, it wasn't uncommon to find myself bent over, picking up fallen toast, hastily scribbled homework and – oh, the grand finale- rescuing upturned milk cartons. And of course, like any other day, just as I was about to catch a breath, the thought of "whispered" prayers and pious-quiet was dismantled by the urgency of the children's clamor. Little Johnathan is growing up to be such a diligent server, but boy, his cassock always seems to end up on Sunday's breakfast table, wedged between butter and marmalade jars!

As evenings approach, my perennial opponent, the backache, starts making its sly moves. It's the most grueling reminder of my daily dance around fatherhood and faith. Aching at every step, it makes even the simplest tasks like kneeling for evening prayers an ordeal. But, as I hug my Bible closer, I also find comfort in the tiny bottle of earth's blessing: Cannabidiol or, as we commonly call it, CBD oil.

Being a committed Catholic, I am naturally cautious about letting substances into my body. Even stimulants as 'innocent' as caffeine are firmly crossed off my list, but CBD – well, that's a horse of a different color. This little miracle doesn't pop up on the radar for my 'no-no' substances list. It's not psychoactive, meaning it doesn't get you high, but rather has some profoundly beneficial effects on ailments like chronic pain, inflammation, and my own relentless nemesis, backache.

After gathering everyone for a round of prayers, I tell them, "It's Daddy's CBD time!" Duty-bound, the children usually grant me this small window of tranquillity. I carefully measure out a small quantity of this wonder oil – typically a drop for every ten pounds of body weight, give or take.

CBD oil soothes the roaring beast in my aching back. Just a few tiny drops under my tongue and I can feel the tension ebbing away as muscles relax. It's not an instantaneous magic bullet, but the relief it affords is both tangible and comforting beyond words. As I kneel for my final prayers, my prayers and thoughts are undisturbed by the pain. I can center my heart on heavenly matters, rather than the mundane torment of my backache.

In essence, CBD oil has been my quiet ally, a small but powerful tool that's helping me fulfill my earthly duties while keeping my focus on higher truths. I don't need caffeine to be wired or alcohol to numb myself; I just need a drop of natural goodness to tide over the waves of pain that often crash over me. Here's to more peaceful nights, kneeling by the bedside, lost in prayers with a soothed and grateful heart.

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